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Trenchless Technics

We offer a range of services to suit you that will insure your project runs smoothly and is delivered on budget. We will minimize your exposure to risk by ensuring the current best practice and system is available with full transparency

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Over the years we have development of distinct technical skills and management strategies. The primary challenge of project management methodology is to achieve all of the project goals and objectives while honoring the constraints

The primary constraints being scope, time, quality and budget.

A secondary challenge is to optimize the of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet pre-defined objectives

As subject matter experts with over 10 years of industry experience we have strong industry contact base and the reputation as a preferred supplier we understand and recognize potential pitfalls and put in place controls to mitigate your exposure. We ensure you become informed and understand the particular methodology application to your project.

Our skills lie in the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals. A project should be scoped as work parcel with a concise beginning and end measured by miles stone or goals based projecting past experience on a time line to meet unique goals and objectives.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Geoty Resources have been performing Horizontal Directional Drilling for over a few years in South Africa we have a large range of drilling equipment and electronic locating resources to track the drill paths whilst undertaking the drilling. Our drilling crews plan the route of each path after extensive service locating has been completed to determine the path.

The drilling process is normally undertaken in 3 stages, the first stage involves use creating a pilot hole we have the ability to control the direction of the drill head during this process to ensure an accurate path is created for the location of the bore. The second stage of the bore involves reaming the hole out to the required size for the service to be installed and the third process is to pull back the pre-fabricated pipe through the bore hole.

TPC can install pipe services from 50mm through to 12 x 100mm conduits in a 900mm drill hole.

What is Horizontal Directional Drilling?

Horizontal directional drilling is a process where a pilot hole is drilled between two points along a planned route using a guided and steerable drill stem. The installation of a service is then achieved by using the drill string to pull back the service pipe or cable along the route whilst up sizing the hole by reaming if necessary, to the start point of the hole.

How does HD Drilling Work?

Among the major benefits of horizontal directional drilling is the ability to trace the drill head using electronic sensors (SONDE) in the drill head and make changes in the alignment of the bore. Tracking the drill head is achieved with a walkover or downhole location system, in which a crew member tracks the bore from the surface. The battery operated SONDE provides depth, location, direction and angle. After analysing this information the drill operator can make steering corrections to keep the drill head on the correct path and avoid existing buried utilities.

Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a highly versatile technique that enables the safe installation of Utilities, it is a technique used for installing infrastructure such as telecommunications and power cable conduits, water lines, sewer lines, gas lines, oil lines, product pipelines, and environmental remediation casings. It is used for crossing waterways, roadways, shore approaches, congested areas, environmentally sensitive areas; often a preferred method because it causes the minimum impact on society, Residential locations benefit greatly from this Trenchless keyhole procedure, Heavy Traffic is a global problem and HDD alleviates congestion.

Environmentally it is the preferred method causing negligible surface disruption and it prevents totally the chance of the production of toxins like sulphuric acid and heavy metal pollution caused by the exposure of potential acid sulphate soils. In some cases it makes it possible to install a utility where it would not be possible by any method, ie where the depth or location of the utility would mean it would be impractical shore or support.

The flexibility of the steerable navigation make it possible to thread a utility through a myriad of crossing utilities surface and subsurface obstacles by a skilled operator. It is used instead of other techniques to provide less traffic disruption, lower cost, deeper, no access pit, shorter completion times, directional capabilities, and environmental safety.
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