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Site Clearing

If you are looking for contractors who will deliver professional tree stump removal, forestry mulching, rubble removal, site clearing and any land clearing services, then we are ready to deliver.

If you’d like to work with an experienced land clearing contractor who always aims to operate in a safe, professional manner – but in ways that pay maximum possible attention to care for the environment – then welcome to Geoty Resouces.

Reasons for choosing Geoty Site Clearing Solutions

+ Our land clearing, forestry mulching, site clearing, pasture reclamation, reversion, vegetation management, regrowth clearing, fenceline clearing, forestry harvest cleanup teams, are extensively trained, highly experienced, truly knowledgeable about your land where they are working, and place safety at the heart of all their actions.

+ As land clearing contractor, we aim to protect your project environment and minimise carbon emissions and other environmental impacts, both in our choice and mindful use of plant equipment, from chippers and mulchers to track mounted excavators, slashers and tractors, bobcats and low loaders. Added to this, we provide a wide range of plant attachments including hydraulic log-grabs, digging buckets, rippers, shears, and rock saws.

    At Geoty we provide expert land clearing services for residential and commercial properties. We have experience to complete any job safely, professionally and for an affordable price. We are also fully equipped to undertake small or even large scale block clearing and land clearance projects. In short, we understand land clearing and site preparation from top to bottom and it’s a service that we do well.

    We specialise in the removal of trees and stumps, ground levelling, site preparation and can assist with new building sites, school and government land and new housing blocks and sub-divisions. Preparation of sites for development often requires the land to be cleared before construction can commence. At Geoty we will work with developers to assess land clearing projects, providing the best land clearing services and advice to achieve the desired outcome, while ensuring council requirements are met.

    Our Land Clearing Services Include:

    • On-site mulching and wood chipping that you can reuse
    • Complete site clearing for housing development
    • Bush land maintenance to reduce potential fire breaks
    • Dangerous tree clearing and disposal
    • Root and stump extraction to avoid damage to electrical wires, pipes, or other utilities
    • Stump grinding to the point where you can repurpose the land
    • Excavation to level the land