Precious Metals Exploration


Pipeline Construction

We install, maintain and repair all types of pipes used in construction, building and industrial sites.

We are rapidly expanding our pipelaying capabilities, with our team bringing their expertise to an even more diverse range of projects.

Working alongside your engineers and site managers, we can deliver high-quality drainage and pipelaying solutions for your project.

Geoty’s team also have experience with site storm water management, including Culverts, Retention facilities, and Hume Ceptors.

All of our team are trained to the highest standards, including current industry training as well as up-to-date health and safety trainings. This ensures that our staff return home safe, and we believe it also has a positive impact on the quality of your job. Geoty is acknowledged as one of South Africa’s most experienced and recognised civil contractors. We continue to prove that we can build any pipeline, anywhere.

Key Services

  • Water borefield, trunk and distribution mains
  • Water reticulation mains
  • Water irrigation mains
  • Sewerage pressure mains
  • Sewerage gravity mains
  • Gas mains
  • Drainage lines
  • Installation using MSCL Sintakote, polyethylene, GRP, PVC and DI pipe