Precious Metals Exploration


Mineral Exploration

A mission becomes your constitution, the solid expression of your vision and values.

We can provide quarry and mining services to assist with the safe and efficient extraction of resources from a variety of quarrying and mining sites. We pride ourselves on our experienced and educated team and our modern mining and quarrying equipment. Geoty draws on our extensive experience across a wide range of quarrying and construction industries, combined with our commitment to quality, safety, and reliability.

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We are a trusted and respected mining and quarrying contractor, with a reputation for providing safe quarry mining solutions that are specific to the needs of our clients and meet all the regulatory requirements. If you need a dependable quarry mining contractor, Geoty Resources can provide a service you can trust to help you maximise the efficiency, output, and safety of your quarrying project.

With our extensive experience, expertise, and commitment to quality, we strive to offer reliable and cost-effective mining services which are specifically adapted to the unique challenges of each quarrying site.

A peek into what we do

For your companyCrushing

Our team has participated in many commercial and industrial site development projects for a variety of land uses – commercial and industrial.


We completed a significant number of Treatment Plant upgrades and retrofits of treatment plants for a number of providers within the Water Market.

For your tenderOpen Cast

Civil infrastructure projects, for public, private and government clients, represent an opportunity to utilize our experience on a cost-plus basis.


Surface Capabilities

  • Pioneering works including Mulching, Clearing, Road and Gridline construction
  • Tailings Dam Construction and Maintenance including Upstream and Downstream methodology
  • Crushing and Screening of road base materials, Utilising an in-house fleet of Modern Mobile Crushing and screening plants.
  • ROM management and crusher feed –supply of loaders with weight meters and rock breakers to fit all applications
  • Road Maintenance – grading, watering, pothole repairs and signage install as well as traffic management
  • Construction of new Mine Roads Sealed and Unsealed / Haul Roads
  • Boxcuts

A trusted partner in providing critical site services to our mining clients, thereby enabling them to be able to put their focus into the extraction and processing of the mineral that generates their income. Among our clients who have entrusted us to deliver these critical services include leading mining companies.

Combined Services include

    • ROM Management/rock breaking/precrush & crusher feed. Mill feed, steel removal, & ore push up
    • Site dust Suppression
    • Miscellaneous Concrete works
    • Installation and rehabilitation of drill pads, sumps and access roads for exploration
    • Clean out Mill and sumps
    • All maintenance on mine site roads (sealed and unsealed) and carparks
    • Waste/controlled waste and tip management, including tip pit design and construction
    • Tailings Dam construction
    • Camp site maintenance
    • Underground road base crushing
    • Site Fuel services
    • Storm water drainage maintenance and upgrades
    • Airstrip and carpark sweeping/maintenance/upgrades
    • HDPE pipe installation and welding
    • Ore haulage and handling
    • Borrow pit establishment and rehabilitation
    • Ore haulage and handling
    • Miscellaneous Site concrete work
    • Miscellaneous Site Fencying as required
    • Maintenance wash pads including vacuum suction of sumps
    • Maintaining and installation of all site signage and delineators