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Dam Construction

We have a long list of successful past projects from all around South Africa. We’ve worked on large and small projects alike, with budgets ranging from under R 1 million up to 20 million rand in the private and public sectors. At Geoty Resources, we are focused on construction that delivers now and into the future. Dam construction from 50 or more years ago is now in need of remediation to cope with the effects of climate change.

Industry-Leading Capabilities.

Goety’s dam maintenance division provides expert dam construction contractors who specialize in rehabilitation and replacement services for dam mechanical equipment of all sizes. As one of the early foundations of the company, dam repair and construction is deeply entrenched in Geoty’s history.

An emphasis in this division is gate construction work, including radial, slide, crest, miter, and drum gates. In the past six years  Geoty has replaced or repaired more than 55 gates This project exposure ensures that our dam repair contractor’s team is one of the most knowledgeable and experienced in South Africa. The inner workings of a dam are complex, but our expert crews draw on years of similar project experience to solve even the most complicated and technical problems.


As one of the most experienced dam building company in South Africa, our advice can save you thousands of rands

Our site inspection & assessment will tell you what dam is best for your end-use & location, and how you can capture more water, and keep it for longer to make you water secure during the upcoming drought.
We always tell our clients – there is no such thing as a ‘free’ assessment as offered by most earthmovers who think they can build dams – because their advice will be skewed towards getting you to spend more money with them.
Our site inspection & assessment ensures that we are your advocate, and our advice is tailored to you, and what is best for your situation.