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Car Parks

Do you require car park construction?

Geoty Resources are recognised as experts in car park construction. Having both designed and built car parks dating back to 2015, we have the required skill set to be able to carry out a wide array of comprehensive services. Ranging from small business, up to large scale major car parks housing over 1000 vehicles. Our continued excellence in service has continued to garner us an extensive client base frequently dealing with: local authorities, blue-chip businesses, SME’s as well as residential projects. Meaning, our car park builds span all across South Africa.

So, when choosing the right contractor for your car park construction, Geoty Resources is your first choice. We are guaranteed to provide you with a truly unrivalled service.

What We Offer With Car Park Construction

When you work with Geoty Resources you can expect a full 360-degree service from start to finish. Our comprehensive service includes consultation, design, manufacture, delivery, and construction. The synergy of this all-encompassing service allows us to carry out all projects on a cost-effective, time-efficient basis.

A car park is a designated area or building where vehicles are temporarily permitted to be left. Making them a particularly common feature adjoining businesses, public buildings, shopping centres and more. Any premise that facilitates a large volume of people on a daily basis will have to consider their available parking facilities. Geoty Resources excel in car park construction, we will design and construct a car park that will make the best of the available space, suited to the location, potential revenue and security requirements.

Types of car parks available include:

  • Surface-level car-park
  • Multi-storey car-park
  • Underground car-park


Typically, car parks are areas with durable or semi-durable surfaces, often being impervious. Our car parks are constructed with efficient water run-off ensuring water pollution doesn’t build up.

Measurements for parking spaces can differ according to layouts, e.g. parallel, herringbone, in-line, but standard specifications are as follows:

  • 2.4 m x 4.8 m.
  • Light vans: 2.4 m x 5.5 m.
  • Rigid vehicles: 3.5 m x 14.0 m.
  • Articulated vehicles: 3.5 m x 18.5 m.
  • Coaches (60 seats): 3.5 m x 14.0 m.

Our design can offer clearly defined boundaries informing members of the public which spaces are private parking. This can be demonstrated with painted lines and signs. Additional boundary features can include:

  • Hedges, dense vegetation, grass verge, flower beds, ditches.
  • High or low retaining walls.
  • Fencing or railings.
  • Barriers.
  • Bollards.
  • Natural features, e.g. river, trees.
  • Other buildings or structures.